August 14, 2005

This is shocking and unfortunate

It was sunday morning and i got up pretty late just like every other sunday. With a cup of coffee in my hand, i was checking on any new mails that may have hit my Yahoo! mailbox. After a quick look at the mails, i opened up times e-paper, for some sunday news and i was shocked to read the news on the first page. "A mentally disturbed young man stabs two girls at Gateway". It was horrifying to read about the news and the pictures of the girls lying in a pool of blood was really disturbing. The two young girls had come to visit mumbai city from manipur but were unfortunate to become the victim of some crazy, jobless youth.

One girl died on the spot while her friend was seriously injured due to the chopper attack. Detailed story is available at the URL:

I stood silent and shoked thinking about the innocent girls and their families. May their souls rest in peace.