September 05, 2005

Prasahant Damle Night!

He is the darling of marathi drama with the amazing ability to bring laughter to the mass regardless of age or religion. I got a chance to meet him at the Ganesh festival organized by the Tokyo marathi mandal. Initially, we were hesitant to go there as we knew the place would be crowded and also there wont be much food available and the total fee of 5000 Yen for an evening looked on the higher side.

But finally, i and my brother`s family decided to go there and we were really fortunate to meet the man who with his supreme acting skills has been a leading entertainer in marathi drama & films for the past 20 years. For the first time outside India, i felt proud to be an Indian and especially a Maharashtrian!

September 01, 2005

Receiving or Giving?

Life is so strange. I returned home quite early from work today and was just wondering about life! and a thought struck my mind and had a deep impact within me. All our life, we think about our wants, our needs, our dreams, our ambitions and our aspirations. But how many times in our life do we care about the people around us? And if we do think, then do we take any steps to make others life easier in any way? I guess the answer for most of you will be in the negative.

But i guess the real fun in life is not in receiving but in giving. Try to make somebodys life around you better in any donating money to the poor, by feeding an empty stomach, by offering a helping hand to a blind, or just a can make a huge difference to their and your life. This is true happiness!