July 31, 2005

Bayern Munchen !!

The temperature was very high this weekend in Tokyo. But this did not stop me and my brother to go to watch the soccer match between Bayern Munchen who are touring japan currently and a local japanese club known as Jubilo Iwata or something... sorry i cant remember the exact name!

It was the first time for both of us to watch a soccer match LIVE! and we were as much excited as the crowd (including Japanese and gai-jins!) around us. The support for Jubilo was phenomenal and the roar of the supporters was fabulous.

We were lucky to see the german goal-keeper Oliver Kahn and forward player Ballack in action. The japanese were strong and their passes quick. But the germans were extremely good in long passes and attack. The match ended 3-1 ofcourse in the favor of Bayern Munchen! and our day was made.

July 24, 2005

Life is so strange

The other day over the weekend, one thought crossed my mind....... and i feel it is so true.
It was about money....When we dont have money, we are unhappy simply because we dont have money! we wish of a bigger and beautiful house, a nice car, good education for our children, good food, good clothes, etc,etc,etc and when we have the money sufficient enought to afford all these luxuries, we have yet another head-ache, that of managing the money! and we are still un-happy.

The point is when are we really happy? Are we ever satisfied from within? There are no limits to human aspirations but then if we are not content even once in our life then whats the use of being born as a human being?? I feel that the key is to remain happy with what one has with him/her. I beleive that having aspirations to have more goodies in life is not bad but being obsessed with that goal will be self-destructive!

July 23, 2005

This is my first post!

.... and i will try my best to keep the blog updated regularly!
Although this blog is a simple reflection of my thoughts regarding the world of Finance and Economics, it is also an expression about my life experiences in general and especially in Japan.. at home, at work, on a train, in a restaurant, ....
Your comments are welcome. Have a nice day.