August 04, 2010

CFA Level 1 - Cleared !

I was thrilled to get my CFA Level 1 result. I passed with >70% in all sections including Financial Reporting (my weak area !).

It was a tough job with many sleepless and restless nights, no-fun time on weekends, and the regular pressure on the job. I owe a BIG THANK YOU to my dear wife for being so supportive all these months and especially during the last 3 weeks before the exam (I would say the most critical period). Without her support, it would have been impossible to clear the exam. Also Thanks to Schweser Notes (they are much condensed but precise version than the CFA curriculum books) plus the MBA background helped too..

Anyway, It's time to move to the next level (however don't feel like going back to studying again !). I heard from someone "If Level 1 feels quite an uphill task then Level 2 is like climbing Mount Everest!".