August 14, 2015

CFA Level 3 Hurdle cleared!!!

Finally done with all the exams and studying. The congratulatory e-mail from CFA institute sealed victory over the beast exam Level 3. The past years have been very tough balancing work, family, and study commitments. Could finally see the end of the tunnel. Looking at my performance, i did better than i expected in the morning session with 4 sections > 50%, and only 2 sections < 50%.
Afternoon section score was bit lower than expected especially Ethics which i scored in 50-70% range while i thought i had aced Ethics. Overall the performance of AM and PM combined together was sufficient to get the job done.
My 40/60/80 score analysis puts me at 65.5% which maybe close to the MPS !
I am glad that CFA Exams and studies are over however the learning continues...