July 24, 2005

Life is so strange

The other day over the weekend, one thought crossed my mind....... and i feel it is so true.
It was about money....When we dont have money, we are unhappy simply because we dont have money! we wish of a bigger and beautiful house, a nice car, good education for our children, good food, good clothes, etc,etc,etc and when we have the money sufficient enought to afford all these luxuries, we have yet another head-ache, that of managing the money! and we are still un-happy.

The point is when are we really happy? Are we ever satisfied from within? There are no limits to human aspirations but then if we are not content even once in our life then whats the use of being born as a human being?? I feel that the key is to remain happy with what one has with him/her. I beleive that having aspirations to have more goodies in life is not bad but being obsessed with that goal will be self-destructive!

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Erling said...

Interesting thoughts.

When are we happy?

I believe that happiness is something which we're taught (or learn ourselves) to different degrees. We all know the annoying optimistic person who thinks he can do everything successfully just as everybody probably knows at least one pessimist who is constantly afraid of failure.
To some degree their differences can be related to how easy they can be happy.

I believe that the important thing is to appreciate the things one have in life - big or small, but always strive for more... unless striving is equal to unhappiness?

The learning for me anyway, is that no matter how much success I have (which is very limited btw) I still make a point of stopping up and feel the happiness once I've achieved something.

Just a few rambling! - Congrat's on your new blog Mak!