March 26, 2009

My Economic Theory

It feels like the world has suddenly become "strict". These days, the word we hear the most (next to recession) is "regulation". Everyone is asking for more stringent review of every industry, business practice, process, management, people, the list is endless.

Until not a few months ago, everything was OK. Why? Because every company and in-turn its employee was making money. Business was booming, and eye-popping bonuses were the order of the day. Now with the global economy in a down-turn, people are demading more stringent regualtion. Why? because globally jobs alongwith businesses have vanished into thin air and we feel something somewhere has gone wrong. World-wide People are angry and into punishing mood! They want to punish this "something". Why? because we humans, like to play the blame-game.

But whom to punish? Politicians (Govts) want to punish regulators, regualtors want to punish industry, industry wants to punish companies, and companies want to punish Employee (by denying bonuses ;-) who in-turn want to punish the politicians (whom they themselves have elected). So you can see, its a vicious-cycle and the whole world is asking for revenge at this point.

I would like to urge economists to measure a new "index" at this stage; Common Man Angry Index (CMAI) rather than CPI ( Consumer Price Index) or GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The higher the Index, the severe the economic impact. Calculate CMAI Y-O-Y . If it has increased over a period, survey why and then our dear politicians/regualtors/companies need to act accordingly to reduce it!

I believe it is the ordinary people who can make/break an economy and this "bottom-up" approach will help in making this world a better place to live for all of us.

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