April 12, 2009

Economic Poetry - on the lighter side !

With the world deep in recession
People are awaiting government action
With jobs vanishing into thin air
There seems no end to the common mans dispair

Some say the crisis was caused by unlimited greed and sub-prime
Leaving thousands without a nickle or a dime
With banks finding difficult to lend
Consumers cut down on their spend
With cash and assets gone in mortgages
Many now survive on just sandwitches

Something surely did go wrong
Erasing the value from dollar to the won
Gone are the days when businesses were making hay
With Defaults and Bankruptcies the order of the day
We all hope for a soon recovery come what may


Anonymous said...

Hey dude,
It's spelled "DESPAIR". :)

Makarand Prabhune said...

Thanks for the comment. I will have a closer eye on Typos from here on !